In Milan: Visual Consulting: How to Unlock Creativity, Commitment, and Change, with David Sibbet


This dynamic one-day training, hosted by Otherwise SpA, is for facilitators and consultants seeking to deepen their skills in facilitating organization-change processes using a range of visual tools. Visual facilitation pioneer David Sibbet will guide participants in discovering the power of integrating visual facilitation, dialogue, and organization change work—with an emphasis on visualization as a support to all three methods.

Location: This workshop will be held at Luogo Ideale Spazio Eventi, Piazza Portello in Milan.

Language: English (no simultaneous translation.).


Participants will:

  • Discover the power of interactive visualization.
  • Explore the different consulting roles and how visual can help each of them.
  • Practice several fundamental techniques using simple graphics and post-it notes on templates.
  • Appreciate the power and simplicity of using a great template to guide planning.
  • Discover the 7 Stages of Change and practices to facilitate them.
  • Learn how metaphors and mental models can influence ways of thinking and perceiving.
  • Gain insight about how visualization can be used as a gateway for problem solving, systemic thinking, and finding solutions in a group.

About the Workshop Leader

David Sibbet is an author, information designer, master visual facilitator, and founder of The Grove Consultants International, through which he has pioneered the emerging fields of visual facilitation and visual organizational consultancy. David brings 40 years of practitioner experience with complex processes in public, community and organizational settings. He is the author of Visual Meetings, Visual Teams, and Visual Leaders, and the co-author (with Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.) of the forthcoming Visual Consulting: Design & Leading Change. Currently David co-directs the GLEN (The Grove's Global Learning & Exchange Network), of which Otherwise is part. In 2013 he received the Organization Development Network's lifetime achievement award for his innovations in the field of organizational development.

This workshop is for:

  • • Consultants, facilitators, coaches, visual practitioners, professionals and managers of corporate functions such as Human Resources, Training, Internal Communications, and Marketing.
  • • Anyone interested in learning more about the use of visual facilitation methods in organization consulting and change work.
Dates Location
Sept 25, 2018 Milan, Italy

€ 550 (early bird rate if registering before July 27th)

€ 650 (standard rate, after July 27)

Note: The fee covers: participation in the event, a copy of David's new book, additional training materials via electronic format, lunch, and two coffee breaks.

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* = If workshop date is in red, please call 415.561.6130 to be added to the waitlist.

Something magic happens when people get out the markers and start drawing and visualizing on paper. The analogical, messy, unfolding nature of the work is exactly the kind of stimulation needed to think around corners and take leaps in the imagination. Doing it collectively, softly, and persistently brings people to a deeper group understanding of the patterns that connect.

David Sibbet, Founder,
The Grove Consultants International

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