Workshop: Design Better Meetings with The Meeting Canoe

led by Dick and Emily Axelrod


Do you want to plan meetings that are enjoyable, efficient and productive? This can and does happen in organizations that use The Meeting Canoe. Dick and Emily Axelrod have teamed up with The Grove to visualize their widely used Meeting Canoe process. Learn how to use this simple and engaging process for designing productive meetings in all kinds of organizations.

The Axelrods are debuting their new Meeting Canoe visual template and leader's guide in this hands-on workshop. Designed to be an easy-to-understand meeting structure, The Meeting Canoe template adds a helpful visual dimension to meeting design. Use the Meeting Canoe to create engaging meetings in which people construct specific plans, accomplish tasks, build connections, and move work forward.


  • Learn a collaborative and iterative approach to meeting design.
  • Incorporate a compelling and engaging purpose into your meeting planning.
  • Learn the importance of connections before content.
  • Gain insight on how to create psychologically safe meeting spaces, informed by neuroscience findings.
  • Change how you meet to shift your team or organization's culture.

This workshop is for you if you:

• Are a meeting planner, meeting facilitator, team leader or manager who often leads or attends meetings.

• Are tired of energy-sapping and time-wasting meetings.

• Want an engaging and innovative meeting-planning process.

• Want to add a visual dimension to your meeting planning.

• Want to use meetings to shift your team's culture.

Dates Location
Nov 6, 2018 San Francisco, CA


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
or 1.800.49.GROVE, ex. 3.

* = If workshop date is in red, please call 415.561.6130 to be added to the waitlist.

Dick and Emily Axelrod are design geniuses. They realized early on that if we change the way we meet, we change the way we live together. They bring a great humanity and love of democratic processes wherever they go.

Peter Block

About the Workshop Leaders

DICK and EMILY AXELROD are the co-founders of The Axelrod Group, which designs collaborative systems that enable leaders and workers to jointly construct a company both profitable and worthy of pride. Their most recent book is Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done. They developed the Conference Model®–a process for involving the “whole system” in creating organizational change. Some have called their practices “organizational barn raising” because the focus and energy shown by participants reminds them of old-time, community barn raisings in which neighbors would erect a sturdy building in a weekend. When a company is focused and its people work within a system that includes spirited involvement, remarkable things can occur.

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