Workshop: Visualization Training with
bikablo® akademie


Learn methods of visual expression—writing, symbols, figures, and graphics—that you can put to use immediately in your everyday work. In over 10 years of practical experience, bikablo® has developed the bikablo technique, a universally applicable visual language that anyone can learn. In this two-day training session, participants will gain hand-drawn visualization skills for presentations, facilitation and co-creation.

In contrast to the fine arts, visualization is an everyday language consisting of vocabulary and grammar, which can be learned like any other language. Artistic talent is not a prerequisite.

The Grove and bikablo® akademie are partnering to offer this workshop. Bikablo, a training company based in Cologne, Germany, trains more than 2,500 people annually to enrich their work and life with visualization. This workshop is part of bikablo's Summer 2017 USA tour, their first-ever trainings in the United States.


  • Graphics and text containers: create simple arrows and connecting elements from basic geometric shapes in order to present related topics.
  • Figures: learn easy ways to draw people, roles, groups and situations.
  • Color and space: learn simple and fast options to color elements and spaces in a way that supports the graphic structure.
  • Writing: improve your flip chart handwriting to make it more legible and attractive.
  • Live scribing: use easy step-by-step techniques to record dialogue in real-time and enhance your chart with a key visual.
  • Posters and settings: combine all the elements—graphics, writing, symbols, figures and color—to create visual communications and meaningful posters for welcome, agenda, instructions, group work and more.

This training is for you if:

• you want to improve your flip charts with good handwriting, graphics and symbols to make them more clear, attractive and lively.

• you lack confidence in drawing, yet can benefit from applying visual methods in your work.

Dates Location
Aug 24-25, 2017 San Francisco, CA


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
or 1.800.49.GROVE, ex. 3.

* = If workshop date is in red, please call 415.561.6130 to be added to the waitlist.

Irrespective of your artistic talent, you will learn visual language that you can use for notes in small formats as well as for flip charts and pin boards. Our goal: for you to have fun and learn what you need to get going the next day!

bikablo®'s training team

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