Workshop: Visual Facilitation for Project Managers, with Benoit Isaac & Laurie Durnell


Projects on tight schedules require efficient meetings and team interactions to solve problems, make decisions, and execute plans accordingly. In this hands-on workshop we will explore visual facilitation methods for addressing the typical challenges that project managers face. Learn visual techniques that will prepare you to run engaging meetings, facilitate big-picture thinking, clarify complexity, create visually interesting flip charts either pre-meeting or live, and co-develop an action plan or roadmap that gets high buy-in from project team members. Incorporating a visual approach will take your project and team management skills to the next level.

This training will be limited to 11 participants.

NOTE: no drawing skills are required in this workshop.

About the Trainers: Laurie Durnell and Benoit Isaac will co-lead this workshop. Laurie is The Grove's Co-President and a senior consultant who has worked in organizational consulting, team development and management since 1993. Benoit has worked for a decade in the aerospace industry as a project manager, project coach, facilitator and workshop designer. He has trained dozens of teams and individuals to use the power of visual facilitation to increase team efficiency. He also uses these techniques on his own multi-disciplinary projects in civil engineering, production means, software development, and aerospace development.


  • Gain confidence with visual methods: explore visual approaches and tools for engaging stakeholders, creating alignment, and facilitating the clarity that leads to effective action.
  • Make sense of complexity: bring clarity to multifaceted problems with visual techniques.
  • Lead better progress meetings: facilitate visually-enhanced progress evaluation meetings that are efficient, fun and effective.
  • Achieve solutions and real buy-in: learn techniques to help you arrive at a good solution that people can get behind, keeping in mind that the efficiency of your solution equals the quality of your solution times the degree of acceptance by the team.

This workshop is for you if:

• You are a project manager, process manager, or consultant working in project implementation.

• You lead implementation teams, or you are the head of a department that is responsible for implementation.

• You want to improve your project management skills and expand your toolkit.

Dates Location
May 2-3, 2018 San Francisco, CA
Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2018 San Francisco, CA


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
or 1.800.49.GROVE, ex. 3.

* = If workshop date is in red, please call 415.561.6130 to be added to the waitlist.

It may seem simpler at first just to tell people what to do on a large project. Yet with experience you will soon realize that keeping everyone aligned during a dynamic process is a real problem if people don't share the same big picture of what is important.

David Sibbet
Founder and President, The Grove Consultants International

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