Workshop: Facilitating Virtual Collaboration


Learn how to facilitate successful collaborative work at a distance. Your teams and workgroups are being asked to work with colleagues located around the world; as a facilitator or HR partner, you may be struggling to support the kinds of creative and collaborative work they need to accomplish. Smooth and effective virtual facilitation requires an understanding of the unique challenges the online environment poses for collaboration, along with a toolbox of approaches that really work with non-co-located participants. This workshop provides you with what you need to transfer your face-to-face facilitation skills to remote settings.

We will explore why collaborative work that is not co-located is so challenging, and how you can tame the challenges. We'll engage in discussion and practice, with practical take-aways that you can put to use immediately.

This online workshop will be led by Rachel Smith, recognized for her work in making new technologies approachable through talks, trainings, and written materials. Rachel is the author of a forthcoming book on virtual collaboration. Her deep experience with virtual work and her gentle style of introducing people to new tools ensure that everyone, from the technology newbie to the tech-savvy, can safely push the frontiers of their own learning.

This training will be limited to 16 participants.

Of Special Note

  • This workshop is an intensive experience that requires a significant time investment over the course of one week. In addition to attending each two-hour course session, you will be asked to complete short readings and homework assignments outside of class and bring your questions and ideas to discuss with the whole group. You will also be asked to complete a project with a partner or partners from the course and to co-present your work on the final course day.
  • Please plan to attend each session in its entirety. This is not a self-paced course and the sessions are not recorded.
  • Although our work will have a visual component, this is not a virtual graphic recording course. No special equipment is required other than the ability to connect to a web meeting.


  • Focus on supporting collaboration: we will move beyond brainstorming activities and learn how to help people work meaningfully with the ideas they generate.
  • Up your tools game: experiment with different kinds of collaborative tools and learn what to look for when evaluating a new tool.
  • Be your best facilitator self in online settings: build on your own strengths as a facilitator and grow your capacities in your challenge areas.
  • Work on real-world challenges: bring questions that arise from your own virtual work for us to tackle together.

Please note: Although our work will have a visual component, this is not a virtual graphic recording course. No special equipment is required other than the ability to connect to a web meeting.

This workshop is for you if:

• You find yourself hosting a lot of remote meetings and want to make them more engaging and effective.

• You are a facilitator who wants to add remote facilitation to your repertoire.

• You are a trainer who runs online classes and you’d like to use something other than slide shows.

• You are curious about how virtual meetings can be as engaging as face-to-face ones.

Dates Location
Sep 17-21, 2018 Online, five 2-hour sessions, 8:30-10:30am Pacific time


To register: email
or call 1.415.561.6130
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