In the early 2000s Richard Narramore, a senior editor at Wiley & Sons, saw a spike in the number of books encouraging drawing as a way of communicating. However, none of these books addressed visualizing with groups. Knowing of The Grove's leadership in visual facilitation, he asked David Sibbet to write a series that would define the emerging field. Visual Meetings was published in 2010, followed by Visual Teams (2011), and Visual Leaders (2012). Extensive translation of the series is seeding worldwide interest in applied design thinking, large-scale visualization, and interactive, immersive experience in tackling the big challenges that organizations and communities face.

Content summaries for the three books are below.


Visual Leaders shows how leaders and managers can take full advantage of the visualization revolution. Use visual meeting and team methodologies to support visioning and strategy formation, planning, implementation, and organization change. Author David Sibbet explores seven essential tools that can vastly improve understanding and engagement across your organization: mental models, visual meetings, graphic templates, decision theaters, roadmaps, Storymaps®, and virtual visuals. Case studies show how visual leaders and visual practitioners work together to align entire organizations on new plans. This book is loaded with examples of visual communications and formats.

Visual Leaders—Table of Contents
Visual Leaders—Sample Chapter
Visual Leaders posters: 7 Frameworks, Organization Transformation, and Sustainable Organizations

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Equip your teams to create and sustain results, whether you are co-located or spread around the world. Building on his best-selling book Visual Meetings, David Sibbet’s Visual Teams shows how to use visuals across the whole arc of a team’s productive life. Use visual communication to improve work processes and create a shared understanding of the big picture context. Cultivate an innovative, high-performing team that works like designers: experiment, create prototypes, use visualization to test ideas, and share mental models to communicate effectively. Visual Teams is organized around the well-known Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, a "map" to creating and sustaining high performance in all kinds of teams. It includes best practices, cases, and many visual examples for handling each stage of the Model, along with in-depth descriptions of how to use the full suite of Team Performance tools.
Visual Teams—Table of Contents
Visual Teams—Sample Chapter
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People who work visually have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to producing results. In Visual Meetings, Grove Founder and President David Sibbet, a world leader in the area of graphic facilitation and visual thinking, unveils the alchemy of designing and conducting memorable meetings that get results. Turn your business meetings into creative and productive events. Energize your team meetings, sales presentations, strategy sessions, and brainstorming. Visual Meeting will help you unlock collaboration and breakthrough thinking in groups large and small. This richly illustrated resource introduces meeting leaders, presenters, and consultants to a bounty of visual communication methods: graphic recording, visual planning, story-boarding, graphic templates, idea-mapping and much more.

Visual Meetings—Table of Contents
Visual Meetings—Sample Chapter
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Please visit the Grove Store to purchase any of the Visual Leadership Books in English.

Visual Meetings is also available for purchase in Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian. Visual Teams has been published in Russian. And Visual Leaders is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

More translations coming soon.


2015 Presentations and Workshops Related to David Sibbet's Visual Leadership Series and The Field of Visual Facilitation:

At the Association of Change Management Professionals' 2015 conference, The Grove’s Gisela Wendling and David Sibbet led an exploration of how to use metaphors to communicate about change management. Read Sibbet's post-conference reflections.


Audio and visual media about visual practice and the Visual Leadership series:

The Big Picture column in Communication Arts' May/June 2015 issue features David Sibbet and the field of graphic facilitation.

Rachel Smith's Fireside Chat with Nexus4Change focuses on "The Art and Experience of Graphic Facilitation."

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- PART TWO (6/6/13)
Greg Voisen interviews David Sibbet on "Visual Leaders: New Tools for Visioning."

Interview with Cheryl EspositoA Visual Revolution: Conversation with David Sibbet (5/17/13)
David Sibbet immerses leaders and their teams in a creative, collaborative journey that allows the future to reveal itself.

Visual Leaders
Watch author David Sibbet discuss his latest book in a short, three-minute video.

Book Review at 800-CEO-READ:
Read a review of Visual Leaders on a leading business blog.

Watch the video: Future Talk TV Program – Raise Your Visual IQ
Features David Sibbet and Mei Lin Fung, board chair, Institute for Service Organization Excellence.

Plexuscalls: Visual Leaders – How They Think & What They Do, 2/8/13
Listen as David Sibbet and Lisa Kimbell unpack the nuances of visual leadership.

Interview with David Sibbet: "Why Your Organization Needs Visual Leaders, and How To Become One"

Tom-on-Leadership Blog

David Sibbet and Thomas Cox on "How Visual Leadership Helps Leaders."

Interview with Cheryl EspositoLeading Conversations: Visual
Teams: The Art of the Story

David Sibbet discusses why your organization needs visual leaders and how to become one. (1/31/13)

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Additional information about the Visual Leadership Series and author David Sibbet:

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