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Leaders and managers are immersed in new, dynamic media that need to be shaped and guided. Building on the bestsellers Visual Meetings and Visual Teams, Visual Leaders shows how leaders can take full advantage of the visualization revolution and is a must read for anyone leading transformations within their organizations.

Author David Sibbet introduces the Sibbet/Le Saget Sustainable Organizations Model for thinking about the kind of organization leaders need to lead or change. Seven essential tools will help raise an organization’s visual IQ and vastly improve understanding and engagement across the organization. Case studies show how visual leaders work with visual practitioners to align entire organizations on new plans. The book is full of examples of visual communications and formats. It includes overviews and insights about how to use new digital media and shows the direct links between metaphors, mental models, and the strategies used to communicate across whole organizations.

Visual Leaders—Table of Contents
Visual Leaders—Sample Chapter
Visual Leaders posters: 7 Frameworks, Organization Transformation, and Sustainable Organizations

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Teams that work like designers experiment, create prototypes, use visualization to test ideas, and share mental models that allow them to communicate across distance and time. In his new book, Visual Teams, David Sibbet builds on his best-selling book Visual Meetings and shows how to use visuals across the whole arc of a team’s productive life. He covers virtual work, the times in between meetings, and a common language teams can develop to increase understanding.

Visual Teams is organized around the well-known Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model® and includes best practices, cases, and many visual examples of how to handle each stage of the Model, plus in-depth descriptions of how to use the full suite of Team Performance tools. He dips a bit into the underlying Theory of Process and explores the new technologies that allow teams to communicate in multimedia across time and space.
Visual Teams—Table of Contents
Visual Teams—Sample Chapter
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When people work visually they have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to producing results. A twenty-first century guide to using the latest visual thinking techniques with your groups and teams, Visual Meetings gives you a bounty of tools and tricks to unlock creativity, collaboration, and breakthrough thinking.

David Sibbet, a world leader in the area of graphic facilitation and visual thinking, unveils the alchemy of designing and conducting memorable meetings that get results. With more than 40 years of experience successfully incorporating visuals in meetings of all kinds, Sibbet reveals the practices, tips, and tricks that can turn business meetings into creative and productive events.

Visual Meetings—Table of Contents
Visual Meetings—Sample Chapter
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Presentations and speaking engagements related to the Visual Leadership series:

Visual Leaders: Increase Your Organization's Visual IQ
May 8, 2014
A day-long small group workshop with David Sibbet at The Grove.

Biggerplate Unplugged: The Mind Map Conference
March 20, 2014, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific time, San Francisco, CA (David Sibbet: 11:30am - 12:20pm)
An exploration of trends and innovations in the world of mind mapping. In "Mind Mapping and the Graphic Keyboard", Sibbet explores mind mapping within a broader visual context.
Register for the conference here.


Audio and visual media for the Visual Leadership series:

Inside Personal Growth podcast - PART ONE (5/19/13)
- PART TWO (6/6/13)
Greg Voisen interviews David Sibbet on "Visual Leaders: New Tools for Visioning."

Interview with Cheryl EspositoA Visual Revolution: Conversation with David Sibbet (5/17/13)
David Sibbet immerses leaders and their teams in a creative, collaborative journey that allows the future to reveal itself.

GBN VM InterviewGBN Presents Visual Meetings
An interview with Sibbet about his groundbreaking book.

Visual Leaders
Watch author David Sibbet discuss his latest book in a short, three-minute video.

Book Review at 800-CEO-READ:
Read a review of Visual Leaders on a leading business blog.

See Lisa Arora's visual summary of David Sibbet's Visual Leaders on the IFVP blog.

Watch the video: Future Talk TV Program – Raise Your Visual IQ
Features David Sibbet and Mei Lin Fung, board chair, Institute for Service Organization Excellence.

Plexuscalls: Visual Leaders – How They Think & What They Do, 2/8/13
Listen as David Sibbet and Lisa Kimbell unpack the nuances of visual leadership.

Interview with David Sibbet: "Why Your Organization Needs Visual Leaders, and How To Become One"

Tom-on-Leadership Blog

David Sibbet and Thomas Cox on "How Visual Leadership Helps Leaders."

Interview with Cheryl EspositoLeading Conversations: Visual
Teams: The Art of the Story

David Sibbet discusses why your organization needs visual leaders and how to become one. (1/31/13)

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Visual Leaders press release
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