Successful teaming requires responding rapidly to challenges, accelerating productivity, and working virtually as well as face-to-face. The Grove's Team Performance System, based upon the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, can help. Our best-practice playbooks are accessible and action-oriented, keyed to different stages of your team's process. The Grove's assessments and tools are industry standards.

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Team Startup Sessions
The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model® (TPM) is a map to effective teaming and a touchstone tool for productive and efficient teamwork. Use it to launch your team on a high-performance trajectory. Email, or call 415.561.6126.

Team Improvement Sessions
Teams make positive changes when they receive reliable data on performance and have a chance to discuss ways to improve. Using the Team Performance Online Survey™, together with our well-tested meeting designs, ensures this result. To discuss your organization's needs, email, or call 415.561.6126.

Team Performance Training Programs
The Grove’s training programs support a high-performing team culture within any organization. Attend one of our Team Performance public workshops, or engage a Grove consultant/trainer to work directly with your organization. Email, or call 415.561.6132.

Team Tools
Use visual facilitation methodologies to help your teams work more effectively. Visit the Grove store, where you'll find many resources and templates for visual planning, team improvement, and meeting facilitation.

For all product-related questions, email, or call 415.561.2500 ext. 1.

Leadership Consulting
We can work with you either to launch a new change process or integrate team development within existing organizational planning and change processes. To explore, email, or call 415.561.6126.

The Grove has a variety of licensing offerings for embedding high-performance tools and methods organization-wide. In addition, we can customize our suite of team tools—both print and online—to include your company-specific best practices. Email, or call 415.561.2500, ext. 1.

Practitioner and trainer certification options are available. For more information, email, or call 415.561.6126.

“We have applied the (Drexler/Sibbet) Team Performance Model® and graphic-facilitation tools and processes to three different teams within our organization since we received our training from The Grove. These teams were in different parts of our business (both manufacturing and product development) and had very different objectives and team member skill sets. In each case the teams performed effectively and the team members were highly motivated throughout the process.”

—Team-Development Specialist
Major Medical Equipment Manufacturer

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A short overview of our Team Performance System.

Team Performance System Brochure

Teams Book by Grove Founder David Sibbet

Visual Teams explores visual facilitation tools and methods for creating high-performing teams.

TPOS Firsthand

A client shares her organization's Team Performance story.

For Team Leaders

Make the Team Leader Guide and its 85 best practices your go-to resource.

Team Performance Sketchtalk

David Sibbet summarizes the Team Performance model.


A brief introduction to our organization-change services.

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