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Visual Facilitation & Visual Leadership

A Look Back: Reflections on 35 Years of Visualizing Change

What Is Visual Listening?

Agile Visual Planning: Supporting Innovation and Action

Visual Leaders Now Available – An Interview with Author David Sibbet

Decision Rooms: Making Choices in a Big-Picture Context, by David Sibbet

Case Studies & First-Person Accounts

Mapping a Vision for Social and Emotional Learning in Oakland

Storymapping Process Aids Merger, Informs Future Vision for Oakland Unified School District

DLR Group, Named #1 U.S. Design Firm, Says Big Goals Led the Way

HealthEast Care System: Storymapping the Quality Journey

Team Performance Tools

Take the Tour: A Webinar Walk-through of the Team Performance Online Survey

The Team Performance Online Survey: A Case Study

Why Do Visuals Work with Teams?, by David Sibbet

Your Questions Answered about Team Performance Tools

Visual Communication & Graphic Recording

Five Graphic Takeaways from “Learning 2013″

Grove Graphics Support Virtual Gathering About Higher Ed and Online Learning

Chart Critique, by Rachel Smith

The Principles of Graphic Facilitation: Facing the Blank Paper

Visual Intelligence: Using the Deep Patterns of Visual Language to Build Cognitive Skills, by David Sibbet

TEDx Talk: “Drawing in Class”, by Rachel Smith


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“A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.”

—From 'Dune' by Frank Herbert

David Sibbet Reflects on 35 Years of Visualizing Change

David Sibbet was presented with the Organization Development Network's Lifetime Achievement Award at their 2013 annual conference. The following article is adapted from his conference presentation and his remarks at the awards ceremony.

Sibbet: I was invited by several ODN colleagues to share with you some of the shaping influences underlying my work and The Grove Consultants International’s methods. It’s an honor to receive this award, and humbling to reflect on the path that brought me here. I’d like to do this with a bit of storytelling.

Mapping a Vision for Social and Emotional Learning in Oakland

Oakland Unified School District (Oakland Unified) is working a seven-year plan to transform the educational experience of its students using Social and Emotional Learning principles. Over the course of a year The Grove provided ongoing graphic facilitation support to the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) design team within the Oakland Unified School District.

Early on, the design team requested The Grove’s help in creating an SEL Journey Map. The team sought a panoramic visualization—one that would fit on a single page—to aid communications with internal and external stakeholder groups about SEL and its role in schools, the central office, and the community.

Five Graphic Takeaways from “Learning 2013″

More than 1,600 people converged in Orlando, Florida for Learning 2013, a dynamic immersion in all aspects of organizational learning.

The Grove’s Rachel Smith provided virtual graphic recording services for keynotes and general sessions, including George Takei, journalist Jane Pauley, Martin Bean from Open University, and more. Screenshots from her notes were shown in real time to the assembly.

Five annotated graphic snapshots follow, drawn from Rachel’s notes.

Featured Best Practice: Process Maps

Graphic flow charts or "process maps" provide a high-level perspective on the entire team process. Using consistent and intuitively clear graphic symbols makes the practice even more powerful. Circles for meetings, squares for output documents and arrows for projects, all linked on a timeline, create a visual that works like a road for a traveler. Objectives and milestones can be added easily to such a display.
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The Grove at TED2008
Explore the interactive environment David Sibbet helped create when he graphically illustrated the cutting-edge ideas presented at the 2008 Technology, Entertainment & Design (TED) conference.

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