Leading strategic change requires leaders, managers and employees to embrace new directions and plans. The Grove has pioneered the use of design thinking for organization change. Our agile planning and visualization methodologies support creativity, engagement, and alignment.

Our client engagements often include a combination of the options below.

Agile Planning and Visioning

Strategic Visioning (SV) is The Grove's visually-based, high-engagement process for strategic alignment and organization change. Supported by Graphic Guide templates, the visual nature of this planning process facilitates strategic conversations that are more efficient, agile and creative.

Download the Strategic Visioning brochure.

Watch a graphic recording movie showing how to use the Context Map Graphic Guide.

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Engaging Documentation

Dialogue, agreement, and action flow in and around key meetings. Threading this all together and showing progress requires quick and effective documentation in media people will use. The Grove's visual approach delivers memorable meeting documents that support ongoing action.

Strategic Rollouts & Storymaps

Alignment across a whole system is possible when people create an integrated picture of their plans and a compelling story of how to implement them. The Grove helps clients create large maps, PowerPoint presentations, and other media to support key conversations and ownership.

Visit our Case Studies to see examples of Grove Storymaps.

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Graphic Recording Movies

Pairing your message with rapid hand drawings in video format is an increasingly popular way to communicate and attract attention to new visions, plans, and concepts. The Grove can produce these pieces using traditional whiteboard or paper media, or in a clean, fresh style using all-digital media. Whichever method you choose, your organizational communications will stand out when delivered in this memorable and appealing form.

See an example of a Graphic Recording Movie.

Change Team Facilitation

Organization change, strategy and planning are usually supported by internal change teams. The Grove has decades of experience facilitating teams at organizations such as Apple, National Semiconductor, the National Park Service, and large healthcare systems.

Leadership Development

When planning and change processes are designed well, they involve current and emerging leaders in ways that develop their capabilities. This approach is the opposite of building consultant dependency. The Grove is as interested in capacity building for the long term as it is in immediate results.

Just thought you would like to know that all your hard work with us this past 15 years in helping us shape our vision has just resulted this year in our being named by Architect Magazine (the publication of the American Institute of Architects) as the #1 design firm in the nation. We are of course ecstatic. As the Design Forum leader this of course takes on maybe even a little more personal meaning for me, however everyone here is extremely proud and I just wanted to say that we couldn't have done it without all your help and vision over the years.

Steven McKay

DLR Group

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