Skilled meeting facilitation ensures that focus, engagement, and follow-through result from every meeting investment. The Grove's use of large-scale visualization supports truly agile big-picture work. Innovation, alignment, productivity, and commitment are the predictable outcomes.

Client engagements often include a combination of the options below.


Grove facilitators are the acknowledged leaders in integrating facilitation, interactive graphic recording, and graphic templates to lead groups toward agreed-upon goals. We facilitate a wide range of meetings, from planning and team-recharging events to large public meetings, annual retreats, and cross-organization summits. In virtual settings, our facilitators incorporate real-time polling, graphic recording, and other groupware technologies, producing a shareable, visual document for participants.

Graphic Recording

Real-time visualization is a key to agile planning sessions. Our graphic recorders interactively document a group's conversation on flip charts, large poster paper, graphic templates, murals, and other media, thus allowing everyone to see and understand the flow of dialog, decisions and agreements. In virtual meetings we use tablets as a shared recording "canvas" that participants view in real time through a web-meeting interface.

Agenda Design

Thoughtful process design ensures productive meetings. Drawing from our extensive experience facilitating all manner of meetings, we will work with you to design an agenda and set of activities that ensure your meeting objectives are achieved.

Documentation and Media Design

Follow-through depends on documentation. The combination of PowerPoint and visual design converts concepts into engaging communication tools. The Grove's digital post-meeting reports include all of the charts that were generated during the meeting. These support storytelling, group memory, and accelerating groups into action.

Leadership Coaching

Meeting leaders and internal facilitators often can benefit from coaching. Whether it is brainstorming agenda ideas or addressing potential conflict-management concerns, Grove consultants are adept at providing assistance to anyone looking to run a successful meeting. Our process ensures that clients learn and grow as a result of working with us.

The value of The Grove's method of working is that the 40 people in this room represent at least 400 other people in the organization who are not here. The graphics let you tell the story to the people who need this information, so even though they were not part of the meeting, they get the benefit of following the thought process that led to the strategy conclusions. Dynamic graphic records tell the story of the meeting. Also, after we communicated the work at the strategic offsite, we displayed the graphic record in the hallways where employees gathered to have in-depth conversations about the work.

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