The Grove is intentionally a networked organization, hence the metaphor in our name. Our active Partners now span the globe and help share and improve tools and methods for process leadership and collaboration worldwide.

Meet Our Partners

Diana Arsenian works with individuals and organizations to enable strategic thinking, reflection, and the achievement of change using graphic facilitation and strategic design. A former employee at The Grove, Diana collaborates with The Grove on client engagements and product-development projects. She has worked with Appreciative Inquiry for 17 years and is also a certified SoulCollage facilitator. Diana applies these methodologies in her practice as a graphic vision coach. Born in Argentina and raised in San Francisco, her fluency in Spanish and English allows her to work seamlessly across continents and cultures.

Alan Briskin, PhD is an organizational consultant and author or co-author of a number of books relating to organizational theory, including The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace and The Power of Collective Wisdom: And the Trap of Collective Folly. He works with The Grove as a senior partner on select client engagements and network-development projects.

Business Models, Inc.'s founder, Patrick van der Pijl, was the producer on the team that wrote Business Model Generation, a breakout business book explaining how to innovate an organization's business model. His company, Business Models, Inc. (BMI) combines Grove Graphic Guides® and the Business Model Canvas to create a complete strategic business-model innovation offering. BMI has translated Visual Meetings into Dutch and sponsored Grove workshops in Europe. The eight global BMI offices also collaborate with The Grove on trainings.

Conbrio is a Dallas-based consulting firm that specializes in counseling and developing leaders, including strategy, teaming, culture innovation and succession. Bill Bancroft is founder and principal. Conbrio collaborates with The Grove on client engagements, training, and product-development projects.

CoVision is a leader in interactive group process tools and methods that help facilitators and executives produce highly productive meetings with digital support. Lenny Lind and Josh Kaufman manage a team that uses flexible, proven groupware technology to connect large numbers of meeting participants (up to thousands) together in highly engaging and collaborative group processes. CoVision and The Grove shared offices during the 1990s and continue to collaborate on client projects that benefit from combinations of digital and visual facilitation methods.

ES Consulting, a management and ICT consulting firm, works closely with its clients to enhance their ability to bring about effective change in their organizations by focusing on strategic issues at a senior management level, such as: strategic management, business process management, project management, enterprise architecture, performance management, and business innovation. ES Consulting is in the process of translating into Arabic, and offering for sale, The Grove's Principles of Graphic Facilitation Workshop and associated materials.

Growth Management Center's consulting network provided an early guide to The Grove in developing its approach to Strategic Visioning. Rob Eskridge, principal of the firm, continues as a trusted advisor to The Grove on business planning, and he collaborates as a consulting colleague on Grove client projects.

Robert Horn is a political scientist and former President and Founder of Information Mapping. He has a special interest in social messes, policy communication, social learning, and knowledge management (especially in urgent, global issues). For the past two decades, he has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University's Human Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR). He collaborates with The Grove on scouting the latest developments in visualization, as well as consulting to The Grove on business development.

The Kommunikationslotsen, a Köln-based firm, has been introducing the latest process leadership and collaboration methods to Germany, including dynamic facilitation, open space, world café, large group facilitation, and visual facilitation and recording. Currently it collaborates with The Grove to offer innovative, lab-style trainings in Europe.

Amy Lenzo is a global leader in designing and facilitating online engagement for international meetings, learning programs, and other participatory events. Drawing on skills and relationships developed in over a decade as senior director for the World Cafe Community Foundation, her company weDialogue brings together state-of-the-art digital technology, conversational methodologies and earth-connected hosting for innovative applications both in her own programs and for her clients. Amy collaborates with the Grove as a GLEN partner and serves as a trusted advisor on all things digital and participatory.

Meeting Magic thrives in helping organizations truly understand their meeting culture and how meeting in productive environments can both support and change the organization. They focus on designing and leading participative and productive meetings—from strategic planning with leadership teams to large-group meetings and conferences. As The Grove's London-based training partner, Meeting Magic provides facilitation services and graphic-facilitation training in Europe, the U.S., and the Asia-Pacific regions. Katherine Woods, founder and CEO, is certified in The Grove's facilitation methods.

Meridian University seeks to educate leaders with the capacities, skills, and knowledge essential for transforming the professions of psychology, business, and education. Alongside a solid foundation in professional knowledge and creative inquiry skills, students cultivate capacities of courage, compassion, clarity, conscience, and embodied self-awareness. Guided by an integral vision, Meridian offers an "education that transforms."

Meryem Le Saget Consulting: Meryem Le Saget, principal, advises leaders and officials and gives lectures on management and foresight in France and abroad. She is an expert in shared vision and change management and leads visioning processes at some of Europe's largest companies. She collaborates with The Grove on client and product-development projects, is highly experienced with The Grove's Strategic Visioning system and attendant Graphic Guides, and is a trusted advisor.

Team Management Services GmbH (TMS) is a Freibug and Bad Nauheim (Frankfurt), Germany-based firm focusing on strategies and tools to improve teamwork. Marc Tscheuschner leads the firm and is partnering with The Grove to certify facilitators in The Team Performance Check-up in Germany (called the Team Performance Online Survey in the US). TMS is also translating The Grove's Graphic Guide® templates and Leader's Guides into German. German-Language Grove products distributed include: Team Leader Guide; the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, Overview, and Abstract; Team Startup Agenda Planning Kit; Team Performance Check-up (Team Performance Online Survey); Graphic Gameplan (Leader's Guide and Graphic Guide®); Meeting Startup (Leader's Guide and Graphic Guide®); Graphic History (Leader's Guide and Graphic Guide®); Industry Structure (Leader's Guide and Graphic Guide®); and Journey Vision (Leader's Guide and Graphic Guide®).

We collaborate with a global network of consultants, designers and affiliated companies to provide the best possible process leadership and accompanying visuals for meeting facilitation, team development, and organization and social change. The groups and people listed here are those with whom we have active, personal relationships, with working agreements that may include licensing, distribution, and collaborative consulting and training. Our Partners share our commitment to offer top quality services and innovative methodologies.