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The new Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit is a portable, card-based system that provides choices for designing a Strategic Visioning process and helping teams choose the right tools for use in virtual and face-to-face meetings.

The Kit combines four key tools that provide leaders with an effective, flexible way to design one-day and two-day meetings, or a series of virtual meetings:

  1. Agenda Cards
    Display time-block agendas for three different types of Strategic Visioning meetings. Each item on the Agenda Cards refers the planner to activities contained in the companion Best Practice card deck.

  2. Best Practice Cards
    Display activities—which include twenty of The Grove’s Graphic Guide® templates and ten best practices—proven to get results with groups involved in a strategic-visioning process or other planning exercise.

  3. Instructions
    Help you orient to the card decks, engage with clients or teams to plan meetings, design agendas that fit your needs, and apply a series of best practices to your Strategic Visioning process sessions.

  4. Strategic Visioning Process Outline
    Introduces the Strategic Visioning process and explains The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Model on which this Visual Planning System™ is based.

Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit
Price: $75.00